A year ago, I was laying on the floor of my Papaw's apartment watching the news. There was a clip about a special needs Easter egg hunt somewhere on the east coast. That news clip planted a seed in my brain. Fast forward to December, I mentioned the egg hunt to a coworker and how awesome it would be. She took that idea and ran. She instilled the faith and determination in me to do this. She had the confidence that we could pull this off. The planning began, and although there were a few hiccups along the way, maybe even a point or two where we thought this just wasn't going to happen, we've made it. Its April 5th and we're 1 week and 1 day out from what was just a dream in my head a year ago. We are surrounded by all kinds of Easter eggs. There's candy filled eggs, toy filled eggs, beeping eggs, magnetic eggs, weighted eggs, squishy eggs, and eggs needing filler still. There's games, bubbles, decorations, and boxes all over our offices. There's shopping lists waiting on our desks and we still have shipments coming in. There's paths to our desks and supplies in our spare chairs. It takes 10 minutes to get to the file cabinet. You can't enter Key without seeing evidence of the egg hunt everywhere. Honestly though, I wouldn't have it any other way. We, the Key Rehab family, have successfully, with the help of our community and sponsors, planned an Easter Egg hunt catered to Special Needs families and we can't wait to enjoy it with all of them. I can't thank all of our sponsors enough for their help in making this happen. I truly hope we make you proud to say you helped us accomplish this.