10 fun facts about Key Rehab

1. We opened in March of 1999! We were originally located just a few buildings down from our current location!

Now you can find us at 123 Jeff Davis Blvd in the building pictured below

2. We currently employ around 20 therapists across 3 different disciplines. Here's a group photo of a few of our people from when we won Workplace of the Week.

3. Our current location was originally shaped like a barn!! As you can tell, we've done some extensive work to it!

4. Halloween is our favorite holiday!

Halloween 2017 - We turned the clinic into a SuperHero Training Facility! We had IronMan, Batman, and Spiderman hanging around. Kids could dress up in superhero capes to have their pictures taken.

Halloween 2016 - We turned our entire clinic into a gigantic pirate ship! Patients could walk the plank or play behind the ship wheel!

5. Our staff is multi-talented!!

We have several musicians around here!

  • Gabe, one of our Occupational Therapists, has an album available called Fool's Paradise. He plays at several places around town! You can find him, his album, and his upcoming shows on his Facebook here!

  • Drew, another of our OT's, can be found playing around town with Bubba. Here's a link to their facebook page as well, click me !!

  • Gene, one our Physical Therapists, plays piano and guitar and sings on occasion. The only place you'll find Gene playing anymore is in his home or occasionally around the clinic. He has been known to hijack Gabe's guitar and microphone a time or two, as well.

Patricia owns Natchez Pottery, it can be found here on Facebook. They offer classes and camps year round that cover basics to expert level! If you've ever wanted to try your hand at hand building or a pottery wheel, give them a call!!

Raegan, our Office Manager, bakes delicious treats including cakes, cookies, and pies. They're pretty good looking too!! She can handle birthday cakes, special occasion cookies, and even wedding cakes. You can contact her and see pictures of all of her goodies on Facebook here.

6. Recognize some of our therapists?? You may have seen them running around several different schools! Not only do we provide therapy in clinic, but we also service 6, yes you read that right, SIX different school districts! We are currently providing services in Adams County, Concordia Parish, Delta Charter, Catahoula Parish, Wilkinson County, and Baker School Systems.

7. There's a Key Rehab Song!

Speaking of musicians and our multi-talented therapists, here's Drew, Gene, and Gabe playing a little tune about "the Key"

Key Rehab Song 2.0 is currently in the works and we can't wait to hear what they come up with.

8. We LOVE to have fun!! In or out of clinic, we all enjoy having some fun.

9. Meet Roxie The Therapup!

Roxie is a 15 year old Jack Russell Terrier. She's the proud pup of one of our owners, Cathy Roboski. She comes in some Fridays to lounge around and sometimes do a little work. She even has her own badge.

10. We love helping our community in and out of the clinic! We participate in Special Olympics, Challenger League, and various fundraisers across our community! We feel its super important to give back to the patients and families that help us grow!

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