Better Speech and Hearing Month

Its Speech Month!! And we just so happen to have a few awesome SLP's hanging around here!!

WebPT wrote a list of reasons to high 5 an SLP this month! Here they are!

1. SLP's know when each phoneme (speech sound) develops in children. That means they can tell you if its okay that your four year old cant properly pronounce his/her R's and L's.

2. SLP's are EVERYWHERE!! Schools, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient rehab, non profit agencies, home health, corporations, and early interventions to name a few.

3. SLP's are creative! They've started companies, created apps, and submit materials to websites used by many such as Teachers Pay Teachers. They can also make learning and treatment into fun and inspiring activities.

4. SLP's are great with words! That means they write some top-notch reports that have not only the patient, but the care-givers in mind too.

5. SLP's are amazing listeners! They're all about communication ya know!

These are just a few of the reason, if you want to read the full article, you can HERE.

For more information on what Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists do, head on over to

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