Its Occupational Therapy Month!!

I feel like this adequately represents all of our OT's and COTA's.

April is Occupational Therapy Month. All month long, we'll be bringing you some fun facts and information about OT, as well as some love and funny stories from our own therapists!!

Lets start with a little true/false quiz on OT:

1. Occupational Therapists find people jobs.

FALSE!! "Occupational Therapy" was coined before the term occupation was used to describe a employment. Occupational Therapy comes originally from the Greek words «ergon» which means «activity» and «therapeia» which means « cure». Occupational therapists are health professionals who treat with the use of activity.

2. Occupational Therapists use special equipment to increase independence in daily living.

TRUE!! OT's teach adaptive techniques and use adaptive equipment when necessary to allow a patient to be more independent and safe in self care.

3. OT's give people baths/showers, and dress them.

FALSE!! OT's work with patients on bathing or dressing routine if their goal is to complete this without assistance. OT focuses on INDEPENDENCE!

4. OT is just for adults.

FALSE!! In fact, a majority of our OT patients are children. OT can help children participate full in school and other social situations, help with visual tracking, autism, and developmental delays.

5. We think our OT's get to have a little too much fun sometimes.

TRUE! And we're very jealous! You should see inside some of their school bags! It's amazing how they can make therapy into something that looks so fun!!

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