Life at the Key

So things have been kind of crazy around here!! Summer is always super busy anyway. We have a bunch of extra kiddos running around (and a few therapists too). In case you didn't know, several of our therapists treat within the school system during the school day and then treat in clinic until 5 pm. That makes for very busy days for them. They're always running in and out. Let me tell you, tracking 16 therapists throughout 5 counties/parishes can be a little crazy too! All in all, we love it though. We've settled back into our school routine around here and things are starting to calm down. That means that maybe I can be a good little blogger and give ya'll some more fun and exciting information!! Christmas is coming up soon and I'd love to get a list of toys together for different age groups. Remember, toys aren't just for fun. They help proper development too and we'd love to help guide you. Also, its Physical Therapy month this month!!! (No one tell Gene!!) We'll be back soon with some PT info for you and some tips to keep you out of therapy!

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