Meet our Speech Therapists

Maria Smilo,MS,CCC-SLP

Maria graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She is a co-owner of Key Rehab Associates,Inc. and has over 28 years of experience working with children and adults. Maria is the mom of Jake and Rachel and lover of Amazon. 

Kristy Arthur MS,CCC-SLP

Kristy graduated from Louisiana Tech University in 2003 and from the University of LA at Lafayette in 2005. She is married to Brandon Arthur and has 2 children Anna and Hays. Kristy enjoys Saints football, reading, tennis, and spending time on the lake with her family and friends. 

April Swilley,MS,CCC-SLP

April graduated from Jackson State University with a MS in Communicative Disorders. She is married to Seth Swilley, they have a daughter Liana two fur babies, Murphy Lee and Layla. April is powered by chocolate and coffee, fluent in sarcasm and an adrenaline junkie. 

Jodi Kelley,MS,CCC-SLP

Jodi loves to work with children and also teaches Pre K 3. She is married and has two girls and she is a part of Jefferson Street Church.

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The Speech Language Pathologists at Key Rehab assist patients in the areas of speech and language skills, swallowing, memory, and cognition. Speech Therapists evaluate and diagnose a wide range of communication and swallowing disorders, including those due to trauma or stroke. Speech Therapy also assists patients with cognitive disorders that impair problem solving, and short or long term memory.

Speech therapy focuses on the following:
    •    Saying sounds and words that cannot be understood
    •    Understanding language and following directions
    •    Expressing ideas, emotions, wants, and needs
    •    Developing appropriate social skills
    •    Written language
    •    Alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) 

          ranging from low-tech to high-tech communication

          devices for non-verbal children
    •    Fluency (stuttering)
    •    Voice disorders
    •    Rehabilitation for children with hearing loss
    •    Oral motor issues
    •    Safe feeding and swallowing
    •    Cognition (attention, memory, problem solving, etc.)